Manufacturing Overview

Manufacturing Overview

Envisage Manufacturing offers an exceptional range of skills and services. We believe we have the best metal workers in Coventry, with a team made up of experienced specialists as well as fresh talent keen to learn the trade.

Quality and client satisfaction are at the heart of what our teams do. They are skilled in every aspect of metalworking. Techniques include the traditional, from English wheeling to hammer forming, welding, metal finishing, polishing and vehicle painting. In addition, we have press partners in Park Sheet Metal, UK and SD Automotive, Germany.

We supply clients with support and labour onsite across Europe, covering vehicle manufacture, modifications, prototyping including handcrafted panel work to body in white build, as well as master body builds. Our teams have even been commissioned to produce artwork, furniture and furnishings, among the best in their field.

We are committed to maintaining the traditional skills and craftsmanship that our clients seek in order to support each of their projects’ manufacture.

Manufacturing Overview
Prototyping and Low Volume

Prototyping and Low Volume

We offer full-service prototype vehicle manufacturing for demonstration, development testing or pre-production and assembly preparation. Our fully secure design, engineering and manufacturing facilities enable the teams within these areas to work alongside one another and with clients to deliver individual or low volume prototypes.

Selected repeatedly for over a decade to support our clients with unmatched levels of quality and craftsmanship, speaks volumes about our capabilities.

Every Body in White (BIW) manufacturing project we deliver is fully managed to ensure that our clients’ expectations are met. Our approach is always tailored to fit the project’s specification, budget and confidentiality requirements.

With individually crafted, coach built metal work at the core of the manufacturing process, our teams deliver a range of vehicle modifications, from the specialist including component manufacture, stretch, replica, restoration, personalisation right through to chassis renewal or repairs – for both commercial and private clients.

We often work with our clients to support master body builds, working closely with them to list, measure and systematically assemble. This is a maturation process that our teams use to ensure that all of the required components are available but more importantly to highlight any sections that may present imperfections or problems, which can feed the final assembly and bonding strategies selected for production.

Our comprehensive range of sheet metal fabrication services for manufacturers, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers and engineering companies to use, offer quality workmanship, first class service and consistent attention to detail.
We source and work with the materials specified in your project but we also have the knowledge to assist with the selection of materials in line with the chosen manufacturing processes to improve efficiency and robust structure.

Every project we complete in this part of the Group is informed and integrated with the rigorous development work our teams in the design, engineering, fixture and tooling areas produce.

Prototyping and Low Volume
Painting and Finishing

Painting and Finishing

The finish and final presentation that we deliver is critical to every team at Envisage. The skill and variety in the finishing services we offer are fundamental to achieving the showcar standard finish on every project.

Attention to both detail and finesse are vital to the finishing stages.

Our finishing facilities and supplier base enable us to offer:

Whether it is a project that needs painting or if your design has been engineered and manufactured in model or prototype form by Envisage, our paint shop is fully equipped to accommodate full sized and scale projects.

We are experienced in finishing a range of materials and the way we prepare for painting depends on the characteristics of the material. We will fill, etch, flash, base coat, spray polyester, lacquer or di-noc and deliver a full flat paint polish or tint, achieving a mirror finish quality for every single project that comes through our shop.

Although our technicians are seasoned professional vehicle painters, we remain flexible and quick to adapt to our clients’ needs, providing smart repair, re-spray and paint support for a variety of components or intricate paint projects.

Our in-house brightware polishing services offer the highest quality bare metal finishes, with dedicated manufacturing teams focused on finishing components and panels so that they are ready to be delicately worked by our specialists with a variety of polishing compounds and stones in a range of grades, tailored for use on different types of metal.

We are skilful in supporting one-off items as well as parts for complex assemblies and production.

The fully managed and proactive relationships between our team and trim suppliers ensures that every trimming project is afforded the utmost attention to deliver results that meet our client’s exacting expectations.

With our clients’ requirements increasing all the time, we believe the finer details such as a hand-made trim add to the quality of the products we deliver, maintaining the highest levels of quality in every aspect of the design.

Painting and Finishing

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