A design concept for a GT motor car to be hand-built in carbon fibre and aluminium

Year: 2010
Client: Internal
Premium Lightweight GT

This proposed hand-built grand tourer features a bespoke body in aluminium and carbon fibre. The surface language is a composition of soft volumes intersected by sharp apertures and striking jewellery. This vehicle has a weighty heritage aesthetic and a confidence of being built to last. Carbon coachwork forms over bespoke 20” wheels, heavily detailed ornamental pieces in black chrome and polished alloy.

Underneath the body it is based on the Bentley Continental GT and is powered by an upgraded version of the Crewe firm’s 6.0 litre W12. Distinctive styling is married to effortless performance. Inside, a finely detailed lightweight interior is proposed to maximise space and performance. The 2+2 concept will have fold-flat rear seats to extend luggage space and transform it into the perfect weekend grand tourer.