Engineering Overview

Engineering Overview

Envisage Engineering has an established team of multi-disciplined engineers and project managers with a wealth of technical knowledge and experience working on a wide range of vehicle systems.

Our teams’ primary offerings include:

  • Concept engineering and vehicle package layout studies
  • Body structure and skin development (composite and aluminium / steel)
  • Design of closure systems (including retractable roof)
  • Trim systems (interior, exterior and seating)
  • Testing & validation (including design of experiment and manufacture of test rigs / bucks)

We can provide a variety of outputs ranging from concept engineering layout drawings / CAD models, through fully feasible tooling release data, to actual component / system / vehicle manufacture at prototype or demonstrator level.
As a project develops we source and build specialist teams utilising the expertise and search excellence of our in-house recruitment team.

Our engineers are frequently assigned to work directly on client sites, both nationally and internationally, in order to accommodate the needs of specific consultancy projects. We support our placed engineers with regular contact from the engineering management team to ensure quality of delivery is always to our recognised standards.

In addition to our UK operations, we have two engineering partners in Pricol
Technologies, India and Sino, China. Both help us to manage the growing demands for engineering services in the international arena.

Engineering Overview
Design Engineering

Design Engineering

Envisage provides a wide range of concept design engineering solutions and services to the transport sectors, namely automotive, rail, and aerospace.

With clients based around the globe, our teams start every project by accurately capturing our clients’ expectations and producing a clear specification document prior to kick off. We always make sure that we fully understand the true nature and aims of every project.

Our project managers have a variety of backgrounds including those who hold general, specialist or both types of knowledge. We focus on maintaining close working relationships with our clients and thus, we assign a dedicated technical project manager with the relevant experience, ensuring that there is a constant flow of communication and clear reporting on progress at every stage.

Our core in-house design engineering team uses a number of industry standard CAD tools, be it CATIA, NX or Solid Edge. The Envisage Design team often works in conjunction with our engineers providing A-Class surfacing support via the Alias, ICEM and Autodesk V-RED professional design and digital rendering packages.

By using our offshore CAD support teams, we are further able to improve efficiencies by reducing turnaround times, to overnight if necessary, by increased support on advanced design tasks including detailed component drawing, digital mock up studies, release for tooling processing as well as general CAD tasks during busy periods.

The use of secure exchange systems like Teamcenter, KVS and TRUfusion mean we transfer data to clients via their own data management systems.
We are privileged and proud to have had the opportunity to be involved in a number of high profile and complex projects in the years that Envisage Engineering has been operating. These projects have often tested our capability and calibre, but have resulted in our current demanding client base receiving extraordinary levels of satisfaction.

Design Engineering
Body, Closures and Trim Systems

Body, Closures and Trim Systems

In order to achieve the highest standards in vehicle structural rigidity and crashworthiness, our engineers consider the body, closures and trim systems as a fully integrated form.

Using informed judgements with regard to management for example of load cases, optimal material section and selection, joint conditions, we use a sequence of virtual simulations, analytical and physical assessments, to confirm the performance of our designs. We work closely with the production suppliers and manufacturing facilities to fine tune designs and we then work to optimise cost and weight to ensure ease of manufacture.

We are proud of our reputation for project delivery. We focus on the new and unique, offering support on every aspect from developing full vehicle structures, full composite outer skin, retractable roofing systems, multi-link door systems as well as considering the supporting frame systems, to name a few.

Our focus is to always use mature materials and processes. However where a project requires a unique solution, our extensive benchmarking databases and multi-project knowledge allow us to problem solve by thinking outside the box.

Collectively our engineering teams hold multiple design patents, resulting from the successful development of advanced solutions for technical challenges that historically have been difficult to address.

Body, Closures and Trim Systems


Envisage offers a number of virtual and physical testing services to validate design solutions.

Our teams are able to utilise a suite of analytical tools to test the static and dynamic attributes of a vehicle or system. This capability is fundamental to supporting design breakthroughs, identifying limitations or areas for optimisation and recommending adjustments.

The studies we often conduct range from dynamic seal loading and durability assessment, opening and closing effort calculations for doors and tailgates, virtual space analysis, digital capture, thermal and airflow analysis, wholescale structure crash simulations as well a whole host of targeted studies where design characteristics must be certified and refined.

The use of CAE tools means we can successfully achieve vehicle weight reduction aided by the analysis of existing systems to inform proposals for alternative material choices, grades and even just intelligently designed forms.
Our engineers’ extensive experience and knowledge of vehicle virtual testing methods and processes allows us to readily identify the most appropriate test activities, not forgetting our strict adherence to the most recent and relevant safety and legal requirements.

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