Craftsmanship Overview

Craftsmanship Overview

Visioneering specialises in the development and manufacture of models, fixtures and tooling. We support a number of key vehicle sectors, including Automotive, Aerospace, Rail and Marine.

Our team’s core capabilities range from styling models including clay modelling and scanning, with key focus on full 3D design development of early design stage concept, bucks, mock-ups, clinic, packaging, demonstration and tradeshow model manufacturing as well as environmental, feasibility and data reference DKM modeling.

We are also able to design and manufacture checking and assembly fixtures, 5-axis routing tools and tooling for prototypes.

Our commitment to maintaining and adding the latest technology and equipment to our 24/7 workshops allows us to stay ahead of the game. This service places us as a highly desirable technology focused partner for many of the clients we work with.

Accredited with both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, our teams represent the highest quality and dedication to delivering innovation. Our skilled workforce possesses valuable knowledge and experience, which helps us develop and deliver the most efficient solutions to fulfil our clients’ requirements.

Visioneering was formed in 1997 by American parent company Visioneering Inc. and became part of the Envisage Group in 2009. We are extremely proud of the company’s successful longevity and reliability in the field.

Craftsmanship Overview
Model Manufacturing

Model Manufacturing

From styling to data control models, all modelling is undertaken by Visioneering for Envisage Group’s clients.

The materials used to create our models are wide-ranging including foam, composite, stainless and mild steels to aluminium. With the knowledge and technical knowhow our teams in design and engineering liaise with the model-making teams, and vice versa, making informed decisions on the materials selected ensuring that they are fit for the job.

We deliver any number of the following modelling combinations to our clients:

Clay models allow our engineers to assess styling modifications and requirements that might not be as evident on a computer drawing.

These models often help our teams sculpt design features into the model. They are then scanned to produce sets of surface data, which can be manipulated electronically by both our design and engineering teams.

Styling Mock-ups
During the early phases of product development our clients like to be able to review the physical functionality and optical quality of their designs. Models to fulfil this purpose can be scaled or full sized, as well as representative of both the interior and exterior.

Our teams are accustomed to receiving complex surface data which we can then develop for logical manufacture, build and assembly.

Many of our clients also use mock-up models throughout each stage of development, to capture how any given design matures and these are often used for focus groups and other research purposes.

Ergonomic Bucks
The application of ergonomics to the early stages of any design is essential, especially when the vehicles we assist our clients in developing are designed for the end-user.

Our bucks consider every element including access and visibility, as well as touch, feel and positioning of every single component. The aim for these models is to capture all major body features.

Feasibility and Environmental Cubes and Fixtures
Offering the highest quality is important to us and feasibility modelling allows us to provide accurate surface representations to +/- 0.15mm.

The Environmental cube (E-Cube) is a model we machine from aluminium to verify the fit, finish and alignment of adjacent parts. This model is the ultimate maturation fixture as it allows our teams to assemble closures for trim, hardware, glazing and seals to a true engineering attitude and with accurate positioning.

Our teams in Visioneering have progressively developed the E-Cube to improve durability and robustness whilst maintaining its position as a cost-effective technology. These models are vital to our clients, saving them up to ten times the cost of the cube as they are able to resolve any issues prior to signing off their production tooling.

Produced to check individual components or to assess a local area, fixtures allow our clients to check specific aspects of a design. These models can target problem areas of a design and are used if the teams here at Envisage, or our clients, need a tangible property to review.

Data Kontrol Models (DKM)
With extensive experience in producing DKMs our teams know exactly how to achieve the highest levels of quality and accuracy. Typically these models are used to verify reference surface data for sign-off stages of the vehicle’s development programme.

Our data kontrol models look and feel exactly like a real vehicle, with showcar level quality as standard, our models incorporate all of the following features:

  • Visible fixings
  • Working lamps and interior lighting
  • Adjustable and power assisted steering, wheels and seats
  • Simulated or real trim
  • Flawless launch body colouring or textured finishes

The DKM is able to confirm that all of our clients’ objectives have been achieved

Demonstrators, Packaging for Shows
Often our clients require demonstration models and show vehicles that behave, operate and feel like a fully manufactured vehicle. Our demonstration showcar standard models are used to assess design and engineering integrity prior to volume manufacture.

Sometimes our clients simply need a model for promotional purposes.

We supply a dedicated team who are skilled in the required disciplines to deliver every project. Whatever your requirements, we will plan and consider each stage from the onset.

Model Manufacturing
Validation and Fixture equipment

Validation and Fixture equipment

When designing for production, which many of our clients are, models are an essential part of the design verification process. To test the physical and mechanical properties of a component or full vehicle a number of aids and fixtures are manufactured in-house to support the creation, assembly and measurement for a whole host of project specific requirements.

Routing Fixtures
These are produced to enable the profiling and routing of components ensuring good part accuracy and repeatability. Produced from a variety of composite boards or aluminium, these fixtures can be designed uniquely to match requirements.

Jigs and Assembly Aids
Appropriate for low volume and specialist vehicle manufacture, our aids are designed and crafted to ensure that parts including hinges, doors, bonnet, grilles, lights and badges are positioned accurately.

Panel Maturation tools
Panel maturation fixtures are produced to allow the fitment of panels or components utilizing their master reference control points by means of location features designed in such a way that the panel builds and components can be assessed. Nominal interface parts can also be produced to allow a mix of panels /components and accurate simulators.

Aperture Gauges and Fixtures
Precision-made, these are used to test the engineering integrity and durability of components, including headlamps, screens and openings. Aperture gauges and fixtures are used throughout the development process and are often used alongside measurement devices, especially during the production phases.

Checking fixtures
These are ideal for the shop floor as they can be placed close to the manufacturing area for the project. These fixtures normally facilitate flush, gap and profile inspection, increasing accessibility for data collection.

Our versatile 3D component measurement services go hand in hand with every stage, inspected in line with coordinate measurements or CAD models right through to vehicle manufacture.

All of our automotive inspection fixtures are measured and certified to a database.

Our quality inspectors measure components to verify fixture equipment prior to use, as well as inspection of trim or tooling. Our facilities are fully furnished with fixed bed CMM machines, portable Faro arms and laser trackers to enable our team to accurately inspect every component related to the build, including the tools that aid the process.

We work with every one of our clients to support their project needs whether being in-house at Envisage or at our client’s site.

Validation and Fixture equipment


An array of tooling solutions can be provided. The Envisage Group has design and manufacture experience of the following tools covering various manufacturing processes:

  • Resin Transfer Mould Tooling – small or large tools manufactured from aluminium with deep hole water transfer drilling to aid the curing of the component
  • Steel Tooling – Aerospace wing span tools for the production of carbon fibre components
  • Press Steel Tooling – for producing pressed panels
  • Low Volume tooling – for producing hammer form parts
  • Low Density Moulds – for the production of GRP parts which can also be produced in house

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